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Cheap Insurance Policy

Increased cost of living has changed the scenario in world around. Healthcare industry being affected by this change has undergone changes. It has lead to medical care cost increasing at a fast pace. This spiraling medical cost has made it essential for all human beings to guard themselves and their families with a good and cheap insurance policy. Many employers provide medical insurance to their employees but these plans and policies are only valid till the employee is on rolls. The day he/she leaves he job, he/she cannot avail the associated benefits and facilities. Therefore, it is must for an individual to get an individual or a family health insurance plan so that he/ she can avail benefits even after leaving the job.

As we know that majority of people in India belong to middle class society, they try to cut down their expenses in order to sustain in today's modern world. In order to cop up with day-to-day expenses people go with planning. All prefer to plan their savings and expenses that are expected in life ahead. Looking into this need, the demand for cheap insurance policy is regularly increasing. Every individual wants to have the widest cover and that to, at the expense of the minimum premium amount and in this situation choosing a cheap health insurance policy becomes difficult.

It is the human nature to expect by spending minimum. In the like manner, when it comes to insurance policy, people want to buy a cheap insurance policy but at the same time want to claim maximum coverage. There is no lack of such health plans in insurance. Myriad of policies are available in market. They offer ample variety to people. At cost effective rates, the products are ready to serve people with complete healthcare coverage. Framed in policy variants, health insurance policies are easy to afford. They are easy on pocket and also look after the healthcare needs of the buyer.

A cheap insurance policy is basically a combination of comprehensive health plan at affordable cost. They understand the financial concern that people face while buying an insurance cover. To ventilate that issue, insurance companies have emerged with numerous health plans. Even a cheap insurance policy can ease off all your healthcare worries provided choice made is correct. The policy chosen should be as per the personal medical care need. It is only then that the policy will be able to ensure best coverage in times of need. With the help of insurance websites that provide the link of online premium calculator, you can even calculate the exact amount to be paid in the form of insurance premium. Thereafter, the buyer can pick the plan that is easily affordable.

There might be several medical insurance products. but they all differ from each other. Plans are inclusive of features and benefits as per the kind of health risk. Therefore, it is extremely important to read all the policy details. They all have a crucial role to play in the policy coverage. Policy terms and conditions are equally important. Before investing in an any insurance cover, each buyer must be develop proper understanding of varied insurance terms like sum insured, inpatient coverage, pre and post-hospitalization, day-care procedures, deductibles, exclusions, co-payment, sub-limit, portability and tax benefits. All such terms and features must be clear in mind as it will help extracting maximum benefits out of the policy purchased.

With the aim of catering all your healthcare needs, Apollo Munich has emerged in market with several plans and policies. There is Easy Health Insurance Plan for individuals and for family. In addition, there are different types of travel plans, accidental plans and corporate health insurance plans. You can make your choice according to your requirements. Being a pure health insurance company, we keep a track of all kinds of healthcare difficulties faced by people and thus formulate policies that can promise best coverage.

We, at Apollo Munich Health Insurance, give you an option to buy a cheap insurance policy online. ‘Buy online’ feature has been designed for your ease, where you can make your choice at the comfort f your home. It keeps you away from long procedures and keeps you updated about the company’s and the product’s authentic information. Taking a close look at all the related information, you can choose the best suitable plan for self.

Our website, the winner of ‘Best Corporate Site’ in the first IDMA awards, 2010, is a user-friendly site with informative content. We ensure that the customer get access to authentic information about the product. Providing genuine information to customer we aim to make health insurance uncomplicated for all. Thus buy cheap insurance policy online and get it renewed online annually at your ease.

Group Health Insurance

These days more and more companies are becoming employee-centric and every now-and-then introduce various benefits for employees’ betterment. Group insurance has emerged as one of the most preferred benefit. Group insurance ensures better health benefits for employees and increased employee satisfaction. Through this an employee can avail various benefits which are otherwise non-affordable in individual insurance policy.
Group health insurance is beneficial in the sense that it comes at a lower insurance premium as the risk is spread out among the group of members. Members to be insured, will pool into the policy and can claim the coverage as and when required. In this way, the individual need not run around but can get the health security through the employer. 
Today there are several options available in health insurance sector in India. They have been formulated to resolve the healthcare needs of people across the nation. Healthcare needs differ from individual to individual as well as from family to family. So, personal healthcare needs must be analyzed before finalizing any health plan. 
In health insurance there are various options available. They are available in the form of 
  • Individual Health Coverage
  • Family Health Coverage
  • Group Health Coverage
  • Senior Health Coverage
As per the need, all of us can buy the plan and enjoy best healthcare without any financial crisis. Among them, group health insurance is the one offered by corporates. 
When an organization is going in for group mediclaim insurance policy, it should evaluate options like co-payment, names of the medical service providers on the preferred list and their locational accessibility. Further, a good group mediclaim insurance plan should also offer some built in flexibility to individual needs within s the group. Group Health Insurance from Apollo Munich Health provides all this at a nominal premium. It not only offers coverage against the unexpected health concerns but also provides preventive health solutions. 
Apollo Munich Health is a joint venture between India’s largest integrated healthcare group, the Apollo Hospitals Group, and Munich Health, Europe’s leading healthcare insurer. With a backbone of over 60 years of experience globally, Apollo Munich Health offers a comprehensive range in corporate health insurance plans that are designed keeping company and employee needs in mind. Being a pure health insurance company, it simply concentrates on the healthcare needs of people. It aims at making best healthcare feasible for all. All its policies are framed with a view to reduce the gap between the treatment cost and people’s pocket. Policies are devised while keeping the focus on the changing healthcare needs. With this objective, today Apollo Munich has plans for people of all ages and income groups. 
With such variety of health plans available, it enable citizens of India to find a suitable healthcare coverage for self. The option of Group Health Insurance can offer appropriate coverage to the employees. 
Highlights of Apollo Munich Health’s Group Health Insurance plans:
  • Provides broad cover for medical treatment of illnesses and accidents that require ‘in-patient’ hospitalization 
  • Critical illness cover (available as an option) 
  • Covers diagnostic procedures, boarding & lodging, ICU, Surgery cost and prosthetic costs among others
With all such features and benefits, the policy offer comprehensive coverage to the buyers. At the cost of reasonable premium, insured group can enjoy best treatment as and when required. 
Healthcare coverage is imperative for all. Today it is no more a choice but has become a necessity. There are innumerable plans available in the health . They offer wide range of choice to people. Each one of us can select the plan that can ensure best coverage while facing health mishap. Under the coverage of the policy, one can seek health treatment even on cashless basis. The benefit of cashless mediclaim enable the covered members to enjoy required treatment on cashless basis. There are other additional benefits like critical illness coverage which will offer security from certain specified critical illnesses. 
Once insured, people need not worry about the hospital bills. With the help of policy, best treatment can be availed without any fiscal hassle. Paying policy premium on annual basis is better than meeting expensive treatment cost on urgent note. Without even putting any financial burden, the insurance cover can relieve all the healthcare worries. With a Group Health Insurance you can enjoy insurance services as and when required. So, don’t delay your healthcare coverage any further. Get insured today under the best plan and get relieved of medical care worries.

Insurance Health

Insurance Health is a financial cover to protect you against health related issues. It provides coverage to long-term nursing, disability or custodial care. It also maintains the balance between quality healthcare and your wallet. 
Insurance health is a contract between an insurance company and an insured person, in which latter has to pay a small premium amount periodically to avail the benefits of policy purchased from an insurance company, which in turn, provides all the stated benefits regarding the financial loss and expenses to its client. Under the coverage of an insurance policy, one can easily opt for best health treatment without any worry about the medical bills. 
Health insurance sector is expanding at a fast pace. It has brought several new options in terms of healthcare products. Building upon the innovative ideas, health insurance providers have formulated plans that can suit varied healthcare needs. There is no lack of comprehensive health insurance policies. Myriad of plans have made it easy to provide coverage against all sorts of health risks. 
It is mandatory for all to understand the importance of insurance health in life. It is the only source that brings along financial security to make healthcare easy going for the insured. Without any financial strain, everyone can think about the treatment to be acquired. One can concentrate on the treatment required. It thus paves way for better medical care that help take good care of personal well being. 
Today medical insurance sector offers you ample variety. You can choose a group health insurance, individual health insurance, family health insurance, accidental or travel plan, as per your needs. 
Enlisted below are a few of the health insurance benefits.
  • It provides financial coverage against all sorts of unexpected medical expenses. 
  • It covers all of your medical and hospitalization bills.
  • It certainly induces a sense of security to the insured.
  • It facilitates you to take advantage of tax benefits. 
  • It helps you in securing your future by paying a small premium amount.
However, you need to pay attention to the fact that all health insurance policies differ from each other. Although they all are meant to provide monetary support while in need of medical procedure but as they all weave along varied healthcare features and benefits. To meet the needs of different healthcare conditions, insurance health plans have been formulated according to the need. They are inclusive of unique insurance benefits. 
While you choose to purchase a medical insurance policy, you can choose to get rid of dealing with high raised medical care expenses. They can be easily managed under the security of a comprehensive health cover. Plans have been devised in a way to make comprehensive coverage available at affordable cost. By paying a reasonable premium amount, you can get yourself secured from the risk of health mishaps. 
Today health insurance policies are not only the means of financial protection but also entitle the insured to varied benefits. The most liked benefit is cashless hospitalization. It is the provision that will allow you to get treated from the best hospital on cashless basis. Facility of Cashless Hospitalization can be enjoyed only in network hospital. It is thus essential to read all the related terms and conditions carefully. They vary from policy to policy. In case of treatment acquired in a non network hospital, you can seek the help of insurance company through reimbursement service. 
Besides, this under insurance health you can obtain additional coverage for critical illnesses. In case of any severe health ailment, the person happens to fall in need of hospitalization. This increase the list of hospital bills posing burden on the pocket of the individual. To help people overcome this problem, Apollo Munich have incorporated the feature of critical illness coverage in its intelligently designed plans. This add- on benefit extends the coverage. It covers the insured against eight critical illnesses, namely- Stroke, First Heart Attack, Multiple Sclerosis, Paralysis, Coronary Artery Surgery, Major Organ Transplant, Cancer and Kidney Failure. Coverage against all such diseases can be obtained with the policy. It makes the insurance coverage complete at easily affordable cost. With this provision insured can seek help of the policy even while facing any major health concern. 
In this way, policies are available in abundance. They are ready to secure the future of people of all age and of all income groups. But before taking any final decision in terms of insurance health, make sure that the chosen policy will provide coverage against maximum of your healthcare needs. With Apollo Munich one can get insured for lifetime. Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company, previously known as Apollo DKV has emerged to promise its clients to come ahead with innovative healthcare products to satisfy needs of human beings. We at Apollo Munich pay due consideration to your requirement of insurance for health. With the provision of effective customer services, we ensure customer satisfaction and fulfillment of their healthcare needs. 
We work to make future stress free. Get access to best- in class medical care services without any burden on your pocket. Enjoy trusted services as and when required in life. 

Health and Medical Care

Every individual wants to have the best health and medical care for himself/herself and his/her family. Health is the greatest blessing for all human beings. In this regard, it is rightly said, ‘Health is Wealth’. It is important to have quality care, when required. But health ailments make path difficult for most of us as to recover from any illness the persrson requires appropriate treatment. With increased health care cost, it has become truly difficult for majority to avail best health care services. This affects the well being of the individual. To provide solution for this issue, health and medical care policies have been formulated. They enable people to avail best health care services without any fiscal stress. 
It is important for all to understand the fact that good health and medical care is important to enjoy a healthy life. Looking into the above mentioned scenario, health insurance companies emerged out with their motto to provide innovative health and medical care coverage to Indian masses. We at Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company (a joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospitals and Germany based Munich Re's newest business segment, Munich Health) work with the same goal. Both the partners, leaders in their respective field, have joined hands to achieve the goal of fulfilling health-related needs of the citizens of India.
We have designed our products intelligently to cover all the aspects of health issues that may be faced by an individual or his/her family members during any stage of their life. We work with our mission to provide health insurance and wellness solutions to our customers.
Our products, Easy Health, Optima Cash, Easy Travel, Personal Accidental, Insure Health, and Maxima are all well planned and designed. They cover different perspective of an individual's life. The Easy Health Plan comes in different variants that provide add-on health and medical care cover for maternity benefits, pre-hospitalization expenses, dental and optical benefits and optional critical illness coverage.
All these plans are power packed with add-on services such as ‘Healthline’ and ‘Cashless Hospitalization’ and ‘Health Risk Assessment’.
  • ‘Healthline’ is to help our clients to get experts’ advice for their health issues on a phone call. It assists the individual with primary consultation and health related counselling to go ahead in the right direction. Giving right advice in terms of health, this service is to help people take right decision as per their health condition. 
  • Maintaining a long network chain with over 4500 hospitals in around 800 cities, the provision of ‘Cashless Hospitalization’ allow treatment on cashless basis.
  • ‘Health Risk Assessment’ tool helps profile each member’s health status and wellness recommendations are offered accordingly. 
Weaving along such benefits and services, Apollo Munich health and medical care products are ready to serve people with comprehensive coverage. At easily affordable cost they provide wide coverage to the policyholders. Further enabling all of us to enjoy best health care services right in times of health crisis.
With rich variety available in Indian health insuranceMARKET, you can easily find the plan that can fit into your budget frame at same time look after your health care needs. While seeking a health insurance, it is advised to invest in a plan that can be renewed. It is for one’s own help as the insured can extend the coverage under the chosen plan and enjoy the insurance services till the time it is required. With Apollo Munich the coverage can be availed for lifetime as its plans comes with a provision of 100% lifelong renewal. It entitles the insured to insurance coverage for whole life. Availing this services, you can leave your health care worries to the insurance companies forever in life. 
In this way, health and medical care coverage helps with varied features. Health insurance policies also include discount options like family discount. There is yet another provision of no claim bonus that offers benefit in case of not making claim in the policy period. 
Choosing a family health insurance plan you can choose to secure even your dependent members under the same health cover. Under the canopy of one health cover, you can entitle your family members to best health treatment under the policy coverage. On the other hand, it makes coverage affordable as you need not pay premium individually for other family members. Hence, there is ample arrangement for your health future in today’s health insurance market. You just need to take a step ahead and pick the plan as your need. Make sure that you have understood the plan completely before making an investment. You must be aware of all the covered and uncovered benefits so as to reap maximum insurance benefits. 

Comprehensive Health Care

Everyone today is in need of a comprehensive health care plan. They want a single plan that can fulfill all their requirements. Such plans provide maximum coverage to you and your family members with a single premium amount.
If you are looking into the direction of a comprehensive plan, Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company has brought India's No.1 360ยบ plan, Maxima. Apollo Munich has intelligently designed the product for those who understand the needs of health cover. It is sure to complement your needs and lifestyle.
There are large numbers of benefits associated with Maxima, a comprehensive health care plan. These are:-
  • India's first 360 Health Plan - Maxima offers coverage to both inpatient and outpatient medical expenses on cashless basis in our network of hospitals, which promises you high quality care. Reimbursement facility is also available for all those who avail the treatment for the enlisted disease in non-network hospitals.
  • High Quality Outpatient Cover in Accredited Network - Maxima offers high quality health care in more than 4000 network of hospitals on cashless basis. We also offer reimbursement facility, up to the sum assured, if the consultation or the treatment for which the coverage has been provided is availed in non-network hospitals. It offers coverage for contact lenses, spectacles, diagnostic tests, annual health check-up, pharmacy bills, all in high quality of Apollo network.
  • Broad Coverage of Options to Choose Form - Maxima offers coverage for both inpatient and outpatient benefits on Individual as well as family floaters plans.
  • Optional Critical Illness Cover - Maxima gives you an options to choose Critical Illness Cover, as per your needs, it offer coverage against 8 critical diseases, which are kidney failure, multiple sclerosis, stroke, cancer, bypass surgery, major organ transplantation, first heart attack and paralysis.
  • Inpatient Hospitalization Cover - This comprehensive health care plan offers Rs. 3,00,000 cover for inpatient hospitalization, which includes day care procedures, domiciliary treatment, choosing shared accommodation, emergency ambulance charges, maternity expenses, new born baby, daily cash for accompanying an insured child.
Apart from this, there are several more benefits associated with this plan. It includes comprehensive health check-up, existing condition covered under outpatient, cumulative bonus and carry forward of OPD benefits, life-long renewal and tax saving advantages.

Buy cheap insurance online

Good heath helps us to cope up every adverse situation of our life. It is only good health that keeps us happy. But, at the same time, it is said that time is powerful in itself. A minor carelessness from our end can lead to a health problem, which may in turn cause financial drain. The monetary factor may also affect the quality of care that you might need at the time of exigency. So, from the above prospective, it is very important for every human being to buy a comprehensive medical cover for himself/herself and his/her family.
A hectic work schedule and change lifestyle have made everyone so busy that he or she does not has any time to fulfill his/her daily necessities of life. With this scenario in mind, Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company, a joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospitals, leaders in healthcare in Asia and Munich Health, a new business segment of Munich Re, has started a buy cheap insurance online option for the citizens of India. This option gives you a facility to buy an instant health insurance policy just by a few clicks of the mouse.
In addition, some aspects of the instant health insurance policy issuance or buy cheap insurance online scheme are:
  • Ultimate convenience
Buy insurance online scheme has been designed looking into the convenience of busy schedule of people. Now, you can compare different plans and make your choice on basis of your own health needs.
  • Saves time
It saves your time of meeting with agents and discussing the associated terms and conditions of different plans, which are clearly cited on the site. Moreover, you will be acquainted with the authentic information of product offering and services.
  • Easy Quotes comparison
You can easily compare premium rates, reimbursement amount and fixed benefits under different plans. Or, you can also email or talk to our representative for further clarification, using the contact information present on our site.
  • Instant policy issuance
Buy cheap insurance online issues policy instantly, which helps you to get the print outs of your papers as soon as you click the button and complete the proceedings. This hassle-free procedure is drafted keeping an eye over the today's demand.
  • Hassle-free proceedings
You can keep yourself aloof from the highly involved paper work with the complete assurance of your purchase. Further ahead, strong and safe payment gateway assures you that the information, you shared will not be revealed to any third party.

Group Accident Insurance

Welfare schemes adopted by corporate houses for their employees would be incomplete without employee accident insurance cover. Companies are offering insurance coverage options to employees. It is to ensure that as an employer they are concerned about the safety of people. So, group accident health insurance is one appropriate option to help them acquire healthcare safety. 
The provision of insurance coverage by companies have simplified things for employees. They need not go anywhere else to make an investment in insurance. With this provision, employees can seek the help of the companies so as to get them secured against health risks. 
Offering Group Accident Health Insurance plan to employee is a wise decision. Mishaps like accidents and the related injuries can bring a change in lives of people. The injuries caused due to such incidents can hamper the life to a great extent. Nobody can predict or control the extent of the accident. It can even cause several setback on the physical state of the injured. So, it is absolutely worth investing in an accident health cover. 
A group accident health insurance plan will cover a group of employees. They all can invest and share the premium to be paid. All covered members can then reap benefits as and when required. Premium amount is not a matter of worry. Policies have been framed at affordable variants. They make coverage well in reach of all.
The biggest benefit of an accident health cover is that, it does not leave you to deal with emergency cases all your own. As per the promised financial support, it offers monetary coverage that help deal with hospital bills. An accidental case can even raise the need of hospitalization. This initiates the mental stress about the expenses to be dealt with. Uninsured people, in such circumstances choose the option of compensating with the quality of treatment. 
This poses the threat of affecting the health in the longer run. However, insured people can proceed with the required treatment without any fiscal worry. He/ she need not think about the bills much as the insurance cover comes to share the burden leaving a part to be paid by us. 
The significance of a health cover is realized when people fall in need of it. It paves smooth way for people to go ahead with the treatment without thinking about the expenses. Especially in an accidental case, immediate treatment is must. Urgent need of the appropriate healthcare is the foremost concern for the individual. It is with this view that an accident health cover is relevant and apt. It enable the individual to seek best treatment possible devoid of any financial mess or burden. With a mental relief insured can think about the required treatment and get best treatment possible. 
So, here group accident health insurance offered by employees is a relevant option. It is also a way by which employers can show their employees how much they value them and care for them. It can help them get a group accident insurance cover and ensure security from unexpected health mishap. It will give employees and their families the financial protection they need from accidental deaths and injuries. Apollo Munich Health’s Group Personal Accident Plan is tailor-made to assure your employees against financial exigencies arising from mishaps. It covers a number of eventualities like plane crashes, train accidents, hit and run cases and so on. 
Apollo Munich Health Insurance is a joint venture between India’s largest integrated healthcare group, the Apollo Hospitals Group, and Munich Health, Europe’s leading health insurer. We offer innovative health insurance solutions combined with health care and wellness solutions that are designed to meet the health care needs of every citizen of India. We have plans for individuals as well as for family health coverage. Aiming to provide health protection against all sorts of health risks, we have devised variety of health plans. 
This group accident insurance plan is offered to the group with complete flexibility for the employer to choose from a range of benefits. The policy indemnifies individual employees against accidental deaths, loss of limbs, and loss of vision, permanent total disablement, permanent partial disablement and temporary total disablement. 
The Group Personal Accident Plan also offers a number of additional benefits like family transportation, transportation of imported medicines, compensation for broken bones, purchase of blood, broken bones, and modification of vehicle and residence. These benefits make this group accident cover a unique package. It offers a lump sum payment in case of accidental death or any disability. Thus, the plan is of true value as it gives financial protection against accidental deaths and injuries to the employees and their families. It makes healthcare easy going and hassle free. Devoid of any fiscal hurdle people can go for quality treatment and overcome the injuries causes. Insured people, in this way, can look after their wellbeing even in such emergency cases. So, make a timely investment in an insurance cover and enjoy uninterrupted healthcare services.